After the cow devotees’ ultimatum of 48 hours, cows were left in the government office, causing a rush in the system. IG News

– Clash between Chakajam Police and Devotees on Tharad Vav and Vavna Bhatwar Suigam Highway

Date: 23 September 2022, Friday

In front of Banaskantha’s Tharad Province Collectorate, 48 hours ago, cow devotees gave an ultimatum to the state government to pay aid of 500 crores to the state government. A large number of cow devotees and saints were present at the Tharad Mamlatdar office since morning and there was a clash between the police and the saints and the cow devotees. If not, it is still too early. The state government demanded that the aid of 500 crores be paid.

A 5 km line was formed on the side of the Bhatwar highway on the Vav Suigam highway and the cows of the nearby cowshed were left on the road and a long line of traffic was formed on the other side. Cows of cow school of Vavna Beok village were left on the road and there was a line of heavy vehicles on Mitha Tharad Highway.

Despite the police presence at the Tharad Mamlatdar Kachari, devotees left the cows in the office causing a rush in the system.

A police convoy, including Tharad PI, opened the highway to prevent vehicular traffic from suffering and causing any major problems while the cow devotees were detained.

Cowshala managers of the area including Tharad Vav Suigam of Banaskantha, there were scenes of chakajam as cows from all areas were brought on the highway and a large number of cow devotees were detained by the police. is laid and if 500 crores is not given then the keys of all cow schools will be given in the government office.

The Tharad police said that the traffic has been diverted keeping vigilance so that the cow devotees and cows coming on the road may not disturb the vehicular movement.


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