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After winning the £5 million lottery, I was branded “the meanest Briton”… I refused to share and ended up living in a £15-a-night hotel IG News


A LOTTO winner who was branded “Britain’s meanest” after scooping £5m but refusing to share has ended up living in a £15-a-night hotel.

Pete Kyle, 70, from Plymouth matched all six numbers to win £5,122,412 in the Lotto draw on January 29, 2005.

Pete Kyle has hit the £5 million Lotto jackpot


Pete Kyle has hit the £5 million Lotto jackpotCredit: PA
But three years later he was working and living in a hotel in Plymouth for £15 a night


But three years later he was working and living in a hotel in Plymouth for £15 a nightCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The retired Royal Artillery gunner received the stunning award and declared at the time that the money would “change” his life.

It was one of the UK’s biggest lottery wins in history and Pete said winning such a huge amount of money was “like a dream come true”.

Lucky Pete even pocketed an extra £500 two days later when he celebrated his top win at Mecca Bingo.

The winning numbers he picked when he bought a ticket at the local co-op were the same ones he picked every week of the year.

Pete immediately started splashing the cash and splurged on a new fishing boat and some tackle.

Dad also bought a mansion and quickly set about setting up a bar, pool room, jacuzzi and steam room.

Pete vowed to “change” his family’s life as he himself splashed into a garage full of high-end cars.

In an interview with local newspaper The Plymouth Herald just days after winning the jackpot, he said: “I don’t need anything now.

“When I’m watching TV, when the ads come on, I realize I can buy whatever I see.

“This is going to change my family’s life.”

For a while, the money had a positive effect and Pete said his main priority would be to secure a future for his two children, Gemma and Roy, and afford them holidays.

He and Roy immediately made plans to visit Florida, where his son could spend a month exploring the delights of SeaWorld and Disney World, where they were to stay while Pete hunted Marlin.

But Pete immediately started spending £4,600 a day soon after.

Although he said his family’s life would change, that clearly wasn’t the case for his siblings.

The Mail reported at the time that Pete, born into a family of 15, was said to have refused help for his siblings Jean, Carol, David and Steven – who all suffered from incurable Huntingdon’s disease.

His supposed snobbishness has led some to label him “the meanest Briton”.

The Sun revealed how Pete splashed out £550,000 on a house in Derriford, £40,000 on a Mercedes, £40,000 on a Range Rover and another £20,000 on a 4×4.

He also installed a snooker and jackpot room in his lavish mansion – and allegedly gave away expensive boats for just one pound.

But his lavish lifestyle soon caught up with him, and just three years later the mammoth house was reportedly returned.

His new owner was fed up with bailiffs coming to demand that Pete pay the bills for a £370,000 debt.

His private struggles became very public in April 2008 when it was claimed he had squandered his fortune.

At the age of 55, he was allegedly forced to move into – and work in – a £15-a-night hotel in Plymouth, sandwiched between a sex shop and a tattoo parlour.

His friends claimed that he had lost the money in a series of failed investments.

One said in 2008: “Now he has nothing and even owes money.

“It’s hard to believe he was a millionaire.”

However, Pete has not been seen in the area since 2008 and is believed to have moved to Spain.

At the time, Pete claimed that his lottery win fulfilled a fortune teller’s prophecy that he had been told 46 years earlier.

As a young lad growing up in Devonport, he once opened the door to an elderly Roma woman.

He said: “I told her we had nothing to give her as we were a family of 16 – my parents, six brothers and eight sisters.”

Instead, the woman read his palm and told him that he would meet someone by the water and marry him, have two children, and come into a large sum of money in later life.

Sitting outside the Plymouth Sea Aquarium after winning his multi-million dollar fortune, accompanied by his ex-wife Jean and his children days after his win, Pete said: “It’s all come true.

“I met my wife, had two kids and now I have a few bob in the bank.”

The lucky winner splashed out on a huge five-bed mansion


The lucky winner splashed out on a huge five-bed mansionCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

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