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Ahmedabad: Usually, many people ask for a lift while crossing the road. Many people get trapped in the process of helping people who ask for this lift. One such incident has happened in Sola area of ​​Ahmedabad. A young man was helped by a stranger who wanted a lift. Later that person took him to a deserted place where other persons gathered and robbed him after making a digital payment of three thousand. After a few days, this young man again met those people and again made a transaction of four thousand rupees and robbed him. In this matter, Sola Police has registered a case and started investigation.

Originally from Rajasthan and currently living in Gota area of ​​Ahmedabad, the 21-year-old is studying in a university at Uwarasad. On February 7 last, he took his vehicle to the Vishwakarma temple in Chandlodia. There he stood by the temple. Then an unknown person came there, he said that if I want to go a little further, you can take me to the Activa and drop me off, the young man showed his willingness to help.

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The youth allowed him to drive the Activa and later the man took the youth to a deserted place a little away from the Vishwakarma temple. There this person got down and three other people came there. People started beating this young man and took his phone and put a paddle on his neck and told him to unlock your phone and give a number and transfer money to it. As money was not transferred from the young man’s phone, the young man transferred three thousand to his friend.

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Later, a person dropped this young man near Gota. Again last Friday this young man from Silver Oak Univ. When he started walking on the road, the same four people came again. They showed the QR code to the young man and asked him to transfer four thousand, but the young man refused.

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So these people beat him and made him transfer four thousand. Later, the young man dropped him near Gota and went to his room and slept.

He told this to his friends, he filed a complaint in Sola and the police registered a case and started investigation.

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