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Ahmedabad: A youth has filed a complaint against two people in the eastern area of ​​the city. In the complaint, he has alleged that his wife had a friendly relationship with a young man some time ago. But after a few months his wife had ended their friendship, this man had started throwing stones near the house and a few days ago came late at night with his friends and set fire to the vehicles. The neighbor informed that when the young man came out of the house, the men threatened him that they have set the vehicles on fire as your wife is not friendly. The young man, who was scared of the threat, did not complain at first. Later, as he suffered more damage, the police filed a police complaint and started investigation.

Complaint A 33-year-old youth lives with his wife, brother and parents in Odhav area of ​​the city and earns his livelihood by farming. The wife of the complainant had a friendship relationship with a man named Manish who lived nearby a year ago. Although the young man’s wife broke up with the accused Manish for the last four months, Manish used to leave the front of the house frequently. Two days ago, the complainant parked his bike and his brother’s Activa outside the house around ten o’clock at night and fell asleep.

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Late at night suddenly the neighbor of the youth shouted and asked the complainant to come out. When the complainant saw, Manish and his friend Ehsan were standing there and pouring flammable liquid on the bike and the Activa and burning it. So the young man immediately ran there and asked Manish that our vehicles were burnt? Manish said that your wife is no longer friendly with me, so burnt your bike and Activa.

Later, Manish threatened the complainant that he would kill him if he filed a police complaint in this matter and both men fled from there. Later, the youth and the neighbors got together and extinguished the fire in the vehicles. The youth suffered a loss of thousands of rupees due to the fire in the vehicles. On the other hand, fearing the threat given by the accused, the young man did not go to complain. However, knowing that there was more damage, the young man has filed a complaint against two people at Odhav police station.

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