AHMEDNAGAR: A direct letter from the youth to the Industries Minister for the approval of Karjat-Jamkhed MIDC IG News

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Jamkhed, Leader News Service : For the past few days, the issue of MIDC approval in Karjat Jamkhed Constituency has been seen to be very heated. A few days ago, MLA Rohit Pawar also sat in protest in Vidhan Bhawan area for this approval. Meanwhile, as the state government is not giving approval to the MIDC and is not taking any concrete decision regarding it, the citizens and youths of the constituency have also staged road stop protests at various places. Along with this, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Pune, it was seen that Karjat Jamkhed MIDC approval board was also seen. Despite all this, the government is still not giving approval to MIDC, Amar Chows, a youth from Nannaj village in Karjat Jamkhed constituency, has written a letter directly to Industry Minister Uday Samant asking him to approve MIDC as soon as possible.

In his letter to the Industries Minister, he wrote as follows –

“Mr. Industry Minister Uday Samant Saheb, as a common unemployed youth on behalf of all the youth and citizens of our Karjat Jamkhed taluka I earnestly request you to kindly approve our rightful MIDC and let our hands get work! It is an earnest request that you accept Rohit Dada’s demand for MIDC considering the financial condition and dire situation of an ordinary family like us!”

A letter of such content will be written directly in his own blood and it will now be given to the Industry Minister. This shows the strong desire among the youth to have an MIDC. Expectations are being expressed by common citizens and youth that the government should resolve this rift regarding MIDC approval as soon as possible.

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