air coolers on amazon, these coolers are cheaper than fans, they throw ice cold air as soon as they are turned on, the price is just 527 rupees – air cooler price cheaper than fan price starts just 527 rupees IG News

New Delhi: Every year the demand for coolers and ACs increases in summer. If you are thinking to buy any new cooler then today we are giving you information about a different cooler here. The cost of this cooler is so low that you can easily order it. Know about these coolers. It can be beneficial for you to buy it.

NKL II036 LED Designer Speed ​​Cooler Fan is always discussed. It also comes with some features. That makes it different. It has special lighting and speed. It costs only Rs.527. But, there are many offers on this. Along with this, it also gets the option of fitting it on a table.

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Clairbell Mini Cooler
Clairbell Mini Cooler is always in the news due to its design. You can easily fit it on the table. The price of this cooler is only Rs 799. You can also order it from Flipkart. It also gives you the option of air fan. That means you don’t have any complaints about air quality. But, this is a portable cooler. Can’t expect much from air and cooling.

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ZVR Mini Air Conditioner
You can order ZVR Mini Air Conditioner from Flipkart. The price of this air cooler is 1 thousand 999 rupees. You can currently buy it at a price of Rs 499 after getting a 75 percent discount. If ordered today it will be delivered by March 13th. Because, it has a small air cooling fan fitted. Its design is very attractive. Due to this, it is always in demand.

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