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Mumbai: The Government of India had issued guidelines in 2017 to prevent misbehavior of air passengers while traveling in flight. Let’s try to know on which charges travel will be banned? Although these rules were made in 2017 and since then many such incidents have happened in planes, but the crew continued to ignore in most of the cases. It is often seen that there is a spurt in actions when there is a ruckus on a matter.

The crew tried to hush up the Air India plane urination case too, but action was taken only after the 70-year-old woman wrote to the top leadership of the Tata group, otherwise this case too would have gone in cold storage. After this incident, crew members of all airlines have been alerted and now actions are being taken against the passengers continuously.

What is the provision of punishment

According to the guidelines of the Central Government, if any passenger misbehaves in the aircraft, then the pilot will have to file a report, after which the matter will be investigated internally. The airline company has the right that during the investigation, the company can put that passenger on the no-fly list for 30 days. However, a time limit has also been set for this. If the airline is not able to take such a decision within the stipulated time, then that passenger can continue to travel by air.

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What are the reasons for the ban on air travel

  • If a passenger travels under the influence of alcohol and due to this, any kind of problem arises during the other passenger or during the flight, then this action can be taken against him, there can be a ban on traveling for one month.
  • If a passenger in flight smokes or uses foul words towards crew members and other passengers, he/she may be added to this list.
  • Intentionally causing disturbance to crew members in the way they work can also be a reason for this action.

What to do if you get banned wrongly?

Passengers have also been given rights during the journey under the rules of the Central Government. If a passenger feels that the airline has taken wrong action against him, then that passenger can file a case in the Appellate Committee working under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Whatever the decision of that committee is, it will have to be accepted by the airline and the passenger.