Ajmer: Pilgrim assaulted at Dargah, 3 servants arrested IG News

A case of indecency has come to light from a pilgrim who had gone to visit the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The victim named Sarwar Hussain has accused the servants of the Dargah of inhumane treatment of him. Half of the victim’s mustache was cut and the hair from his head was removed. Besides, all the money of Sarwar was also snatched away. So far 3 Khadim have been arrested in this case. The incident is being reported on Sunday (23 September 2023).

According to media reports, Sarwar Hussain, a resident of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, has complained about the incident to the police. According to the complaint, on Sunday he had gone to the Dargah with his friends Manish and Asif to pay homage to him. Then Syed Rahmat Ali, a servant present in the Dargah, demanded Nazran (money) for Ziyarat from all of them. When Sarwar Hussain refused, some people present with Khadim beat him. After beating Sarwar, the accused forcibly took him to another part of the Dargah.

In the complaint, Sarwar has said that the accused got his hair shaved. Got a part of his mustache cut off. All the money kept in his pocket was also snatched away. The names of Khadim Rehmat Ali’s associates are said to be Qasim and Mohammad Faiz Salmani. The victim reported the matter to the local police. Sarwar Hussain also alleges that three women were also among those who beat and abused him. On the contrary, the accused started calling Sarwar a thief and a pickpocket.

On the complaint of Sarwar Hussain, police have arrested Khadim Syed Rehmat Ali along with his associates Qasim Shaikh and Faiz Salmani. While talking to the media, police station in-charge Jagdish Meena confirmed the action and said that the search for the remaining accused is going on.