Alcohol can also increase the risk of cancer: WHO IG News

  • The risk of cancer starts with the first sip of alcohol
  • Arunachal Pradesh consumes the most alcohol in India
  • WHO recently published a report in The Lancet Public Health

Various discoveries have been made over the past many years regarding alcohol consumption. Different claims have also been made in it. However, now the World Health Organization (WHO) has made a shocking claim about alcohol. WHO has said in one of its reports that the risk of cancer starts from drinking the first sip of alcohol. Apart from this, it has also been stated that there is no such quantity in the consumption of alcohol for which we can say that consumption of this quantity of liquor will not cause any harm to the body. WHO recently published a report in The Lancet Public Health stating that when it comes to alcohol consumption, there is no safe amount that does not affect health. Non-Communicable Disease Management and Field Consultant Dr. Carina Ferreira Borges says we can’t make any claims about so-called safe levels of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of seven types of cancer

The study says that consuming alcohol greatly increases the risk of at least seven types of cancer. It includes mouth cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer. Actually, alcohol is not a normal drink, it causes immense harm to the body. Alcohol is a toxic drink that was classified as a group-1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer decades ago. It is the most dangerous. This group also includes asbestos and tobacco.

Excessive consumption increases the risk of cancer many times over

WHO has claimed in its study that ethanol (alcohol) causes cancer through biological mechanisms. The implication is clear that no matter how expensive alcohol is and even if it is consumed in small quantities, it still causes cancer risk. The study has said that if a large amount of alcohol is consumed, the probability of developing cancer increases many times.

A leading cause of cancer in Europe – alcohol

New figures show that alcohol is the only cause of cancer in the European region. It also includes people who have consumed very small amounts of alcohol. Also, a study conducted in the European Union revealed that cancer is the leading cause of death there.

What is the state of alcohol consumption in India?

Alcohol was responsible for 7.40 lakh cancer cases worldwide in 2020. On the other hand, alcohol consumption among men and women in India has increased over the past three decades. According to a study published last year in the medical journal Lancet, the largest increase in alcohol consumption was among the 40-64 age group. The consumption of this group increased by 5.63 percent since 1990. After that, alcohol consumption in the 15-39 age group increased by 5.24 percent during the same period.


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