Alia Bhatt darlings faced huge furious comments as domestic violence for men: indulgence in male torture! New wife Alia’s movie boycott calls IG News

Social media has been abuzz since ‘Darlings’ arrived on Netflix. The trailer has been teased a little since its launch, but now it has taken a strange shape. Darlings film shows the torture of men! And that’s why male viewers are angry.

They raised the slogan of boycotting Alia Bhatt. Many people have protested against tying a man to a chair or torture. False accusations are even being made that the movie is condoning domestic violence against women, which could lead to harm. As the main character, Alia takes revenge for her husband’s torture. Throwing water on his face and even beating him by tying him to a chair can be seen.

Many claim that men are equally oppressed in this society. And that’s what Alia poured ghee into the ashes. If such tyranny is shown in public like this, there will be nothing called society. Some said such abuse of men was not funny at all. And some said, let everyone know that men are also victims of these things.

Not only that. Alia’s married life was also criticized by many. They say Alia can do something like this with Ranveer? Bollywood is giving harmful messages to the society. How can a family be broken, a man can be tortured – these are not right at all, so many are claiming.

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But no one paid attention to the real incident. It can be seen in the beginning of the movie, Alia herself is a victim of extreme torture. And he is doing these things to avenge that torture. Many people say that this torture is over after seeing it on the movie screen? Girls put up with a lot more than that. Someone else said that according to the plot of the movie, there is nothing wrong if a tortured girl does this out of anger and rage. What boycott Alia Bhatt?

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