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AP Assembly Sessions ended today. The assembly approved all 9 bills. The House passed nine bills by voice vote on Wednesday. Among these bills, especially the NTR Health University and the Vissar Health University Amendment Bill were introduced in the Assembly by AP Medical and Health Minister Ridal Rajini. All of a sudden the members of the opposition TDP became agitated. Despite demands to withdraw the bill, the House approved it.

Also Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments (Amendment) Bill 2022, Andhra Pradesh Labor Welfare Fund (Second Amendment) Bill 2022, Labor Employment, Training and Factories Minister G Jayaram introduced. There is also the Andhra Pradesh Salaries, Payment of Pension and Disqualification of Dismissals (Amendment) Bill, 2002. Andhra Pradesh Land Titling Bill 2022, Regulation of Recruitment to Andhra Pradesh Public Services, Staff Pattern, Pay Structure (Amendment) Bill 2022 also passed. The House also passed Dr NTR University of Health Sciences (Amendment) Bill 2022, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority, Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region, Urban Development Authorities (Amendment) Bill 2022 and Andhra Pradesh Municipal Laws (Amendment) Bill 2022. The House also passed the Andhra Pradesh Partition (No.3) Bill 2022.

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