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Allegations of harassment were denied. Producer announces legal action against Indian actor

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Allegations of harassment against Indian television actors have taken on a new form. The producers dismissed the allegations as false and baseless. It is said that the actress has made similar false accusations against people in the past.

Actress Krishna Mukherjee has accused Shubhshagan series producer Kandan Singh of harassment and also said that the producers should not pay the remaining compensation of Rs 30 lakh.

in her statement on social media. The actress said: I am going through a very bad time and have been suffering from hardships for the last one and a half years. And it all started when I started performing my last show ‘Shubh Shagan’.

He said that this show was the worst decision of my life. I don’t want to show this item. But I heard other people and I was willing to perform.

She also alleged that there was a time when she was sick on set and was reluctant to film. The producers locked her in the makeup room.

Regarding these allegations, producer Kundan Singh said that Krishna Mukherjee’s allegations are false.

In his message on social media, Kandan Singh said that the actress’ social media followers should be aware of the lies.

He said in a message that it was sad to see how easy it was for some people to make false accusations.

The producer said “I want to make it clear that all allegations against me are false. and strict legal action will be taken against the accusers.”

He also said that the actress had made similar accusations against two employees of the production house in 2022. I supported the actress back then. and fired employees But later it was found that the actress made false accusations.

The matter didn’t end there, but Krishna Mukherjee’s co-star Elle Goni came into the fray and confirmed the actor’s allegations.

Elle Goni in his message on social media said that Krishna made the accusations very accurately because he called me when he was locked up in Macroom.

He also said that the production house owed Rs 30 lakh to Krishna Mukherjee.

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