Allegations of theft in code relief program; The Secret Service report does not include new data: the White House

Allegations of theft in code relief program; The Secret Service report does not include new data: the White House

The White House has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning White House have been made more than once. They contain old reports.

White House Press SecretIG Jane Sackie, when asked to comment on the data provided by the Secret Service, said it did not provide any new research or data on fraud.

The Secret Service told the Associated Press on Tuesday that its estimates were based on data provided by Secret Service cases, the Department of Labor and the Small Business Administration.

A spokesman for the agency said on Wednesday it was not modifying the statement on its website. Instead, he explained that the figures provided were based on data from the Labor Department and the Small Business Administration, and that the agency was not issuing any new reports.

“No corrections will be made. We have made it clear that we have released a report on our website and we discussed the matter yesterday, “said Secret Service spokesman Justin Whelan.

White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said two older reports had been added. The two reports were on well-known challenges related to small business loans and unemployment insurance. He said that it was important to mention about these two old reports that they have analyzed the joint payments which have more or less payment errors. However, according to Jane Sackie, these were references to two previous reports from the Inspector General.

The Secret Service did not include in its report the alleged fraud cases involving Code Nineteen, which have been dealt with by the Justice Department.

The Code Nineteen Relief Program was launched to help small businesses and those who lost their jobs during the global epidemic.

Ray Dustin, an assistant in charge of recovering money allegedly obtained from fraud during the global epidemic, said yesterday that the amount stolen was three percent of the ری 3.4 trillion in major relief programs.

According to him, most of the money donated to the fraud was stolen from unemployment benefits. The Labor Department says about ً 87 billion in unemployment benefits are likely to be misappropriated, with a significant portion attributed to fraud.

The Associated Press quoted the Secret Service as saying in a report that the agency seized more than 2 1.2 billion during its investigation into unemployment insurance and debt fraud.

The Secret Service, along with its financial partners and states, has recovered more than 3 2.3 billion in fraudulent funds.

According to the intelligence agency, there are currently more than 900 cases of fraud in aid money during the global epidemic in all the states of the United States while 100 people are in custody.

The Justice Department said last week that it had indicted more than 150 people out of 95 criminal cases.

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