Amateur Riders Club to host National Dressage Competition for Asian Games selection IG News

The Amateur Riders Club will host the national dressage competition for selection for the Asian Games here from Tuesday.

“The FEI Concours de Dressage International CDI1 as well as EFI Dressage (CDN) for children in 1 and 2 categories, followed by Young Rider and Junior Rider Dressage, will begin on Tuesday. Athletes from all over India will participate in the event. The athlete participation categories are Young Rider (16 to 21 years), Junior (14 to 18 years), Child – I (12 to 14 years), Child – II (10 to 12 years),” it said in a statement.

Judges evaluate each movement based on a standard appropriate to the level of the test and assign each movement a score from zero to ten – zero being “not performed” and 10 being “excellent”.


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