Amazon shocked Kantara producers IG News

Amazon gave a shock to Kantara producers Hombel Films. The wait of the OTT audience has come to an end. Kantara movie will be streaming on Amazon Prime from Thursday. The movie released on September 30 in Kannada and became a blockbuster hit. It was released in other languages ​​on October 15. However.. Kantara is still buzzing in the theaters with its unexpected release in all languages. So far it has grossed 500 crores worldwide in all languages.

And the highlight of this movie is the scene where Rishabh Shetty plays Bhuthakola. In this scene, ‘Varaha form is divine Varishtam’ is heard in the background and gives goose bumps. Recently, after a controversy broke out over this song, the makers cut the song and gave it to Amazon Prime. Fans of ‘Kantara’ are getting shocked as it is not available in OTT version now. But now it seems that Amazon Prime Homebell Films has been cut. It seems that due to lack of original content in the movie, the payment in the OTT deal has been reduced by up to 25%. The cut was made as per the rules as the full content was not given as per the contract. It also appears to have given only a limited deadline. It is reported that they have warned that the entire content of the film should be given to OTD as per the previously agreed deal after resolving all the court issues.


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