Ambulance stopped for CM Nitish Kumar’s convoy, BJP targeted the government – Latest Bihar News| Current News of Bihar IG News

The video of the ambulance stopped during the CM’s convoy on the JP Ganga Path in the capital Patna is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is being claimed that the ambulance has been stopped for the CM’s convoy. Bihar BJP has targeted CM Nitish Kumar by tweeting regarding the matter.

Let us tell you that regarding this viral video, BJP has described the Bihar government as cruel, merciless and insensitive. However, regarding this viral video, Patna’s Traffic SP Puran Kumar Jha told that the video has come to the notice. It is being investigated. The BJP has tweeted that ‘when the ruler becomes cruel, merciless and insensitive, the public pays the price’. The family is crying bitterly over the patient lying in critical condition in the ambulance, but Nitish Kumar’s convoy did not stop. Nitish Kumar Doesn’t the humanity inside you curse you?’

Regarding this matter, Patna Traffic SP Puran Kumar Jha confirmed the video and said that all the police officers and all the policemen have already been instructed not to stop the ambulance or other emergency vehicles under any circumstances. Compliance is also being done by everyone in this regard, but today a video has come to our notice in which a policeman is seen stopping an ambulance. Under what circumstances was this done? It is being investigated. To prevent this type of incident from happening in the future, all police officers and police personnel have been directed and sensitized not to stop ambulances or emergency vehicles under any circumstances.