America: Akshardham temple inaugurated on October 8 IG News

The world’s second largest Hindu temple has been completed in New Jersey, America. This temple will be inaugurated on 8 October 2023. It has been named BAPS Akshardham. The temple has been built by more than 12 thousand volunteers living in America. It took 12 years to build this temple spread over 183 acres.

According to media reports, this temple has been built in Robbinsville Township in New Jersey, America. This Akshardham temple is 90 kilometers from New York City and 289 kilometers from the capital Washington DC. Swaminarayan Akshardham Committee started building this temple in the year 2011. Now this divine and grand temple is ready.

Very beautiful carvings have been done in this temple. Besides, more than 10 thousand statues have been made taking inspiration from religious texts. Apart from the main temple, this Akshardham temple consists of 12 sub-temples, 9 pinnacles and 9 pyramidal pinnacles. Not only this, the world’s largest stone oval dome has been built in this temple.

The four types of stones in the temple include limestone, pink sandstone, marble and granite. The temple has been constructed in such a way that it lasts for 1000 years. The stones installed in the temple are capable of withstanding both extreme heat and extreme cold. Apart from this, a Brahma Kund has been built here. It has collected water from more than 300 reservoirs around the world, including the sacred rivers of India and all the states of America.

Spread over 183 acres, this temple is the second largest temple in the world. The largest temple is located in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The 12th century Angkor Wat temple, included in the UNESCO World Heritage, is spread over about 500 acres. Akshardham Temple, spread over 100 acres in the capital Delhi, is the third largest temple in the world.

The pictures of this Akshardham temple built in New Jersey, America remind us of the Akshardham temple built in Delhi. Both Akshardham temples were built by the same committee, hence their designs are almost similar. BAPS Sant Swami Maharaj will inaugurate the temple in New Jersey on 8 October 2023. It will be opened to the general public from October 18.