America and its allies are worried due to the leaking of intelligence documents, Ukraine is opening many secrets related to the war! IG News

effect of leakage

Senior officers of the US Army are trying their best to reduce the loss by contacting the allied countries. In this conversation being held at a high level, the security of the intelligence system is being assured and vows are also being reiterated to fulfill the security partnership. According to a senior US official, these talks started over the weekend and are still going on.

Several US officials are to come to Germany next week. Contact group meeting is to be held in Germany. Representatives of more than 50 countries will participate in it and the strategy of helping Ukraine will be discussed. It is believed that the American officials will have to face many tough questions in this meeting.

After the leak scandal, questions may also arise in the minds of allied countries as to how safe it is to share information with American intelligence.

Meanwhile, the US Defense Ministry has repeatedly said that much of the information in the leaked information is false. He claims that an attempt is being made to run propaganda by spreading wrong information under the guise of leaks.