Amit Shah: Amit Shah class for BJP leaders in Belgaum! Khadak advises to leave groupism and do Kelsa IG News

Belgaum: The assembly election in the state is approaching. Already, BJP, Congress and JDS parties have started campaigning by doing yatras and conventions. The ruling party BJP is also appealing to the voters of the state to vote for the BJP again through Jan Sankalpa Yatra in teams. For this, preparations have been made for the next election by using the leader of the center. In the last one week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, National President JP Nadda and now Home Minister Amit Shah have reached the state today and supported the state leaders and told them to stop the cold war between the original BJP in Belgaum and the migrant BJP members and work together to bring the party to power in the state. It is said that they have done.

Defeated in Parishad elections

In Belagavi district, the party has suffered many consequences due to internal strife among the BJP leaders. As a result, the BJP was defeated in the last Vidhan Parishad and North-West Constituency teacher elections. Belgaum district has been a stronghold of BJP since the past. However, the present Congress party is making a strategy to break the strong fortress of BJP, which has caused the central elite to worry. So it is known that Amit Shah discussed with more than 50 district leaders in today’s meeting.

A lesson in organization for local leaders

BJP held an important meeting at UK 27 Hotel in Belgaum, in which sitting and former MLAs from Belgaum City, Belgaum Rural, Chikkodi were present. Amit Shah gave an organizational lesson to the district leaders for about 2 hours. Belgaum is an important district for BJP to come to power in the state. Leave disagreement and resentment in the district and work. It is known that Amit Shah Khadak has given a warning that there is no room for factionalism and manifest prestige.

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Amit Shah shows victory symbol

After coming out of an important meeting in Belgaum, Amit Shah displayed the victory symbol and showed the victory symbol as if the disagreement between the local leaders had been eased. After the meeting, he returned to Delhi from Belgaum airport.

Conflict between local BJP leaders

BJP candidate Mahantesh Kavatagimath and Arun Shahapur, the candidate from the North-West Teachers Constituency, were defeated in the last Legislative Council elections. BJP lost these two important seats and suffered a huge defeat. It was debated that these two seats were lost due to infighting among the local BJP leaders. The BJP high command, which is currently eyeing the state assembly elections, is working from the grassroots level to win more seats. Today, Amit Shah said that he has calmed down through the meeting.

We will win 18 constituencies

Speaking after the meeting, former CM BS Yeddyurappa said there is a pro-BJP wave in Belgaum. All the programs seen since morning were very successful. Amit Shah said that I am relieved and satisfied.

If we try in Belgaum, it is possible to win eighteen out of eighteen seats. Now thirteen seats have been won and everyone should try and win all the seats in Belgaum. He said that it is certain to come to power by winning more than 140 seats in Karnataka with full majority in the upcoming elections.

Amit Shah meeting with Belagavi leader

Amit Shah

We have come to the party believing in Amit Shah

Ramesh Jarakiholi, who talked about Amit Shah’s high voltage meeting with the leaders of Belgaum district, advised Amit Shah to win 15 constituencies. We will work as per his suggestion. Gokak MLA Ramesh Jarakiholi said that everyone in Belgaum should forget their differences and attend the meeting and comment on the issue.


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