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Union Home Minister Amit Shah has arrived in Hyderabad to participate in CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) Rising Day. According to the schedule, he will participate as the chief guest in the CISF Rising Day Parade at 7.30 am today. He will remain in the parade program till 9.15. After that they go back to Nisa where they stayed last night. Will be in Nisa till 11.35 am. Then.. at 11.40 leave Nisa and go to Hakimpet Airfield by road. Board a special flight at 11.50 am and go to Kochi in Kerala. Amit Shah will be on tour today.

Amit Shah arrived in Hyderabad at 11 pm on Saturday for this event. He was welcomed at Hakimpet Airport by BJP State President Bandi Sanjay, Union Minister Kishan Reddy and other key leaders. Then went to National Industrial Security Academy – NISA (NISA) by road. Amit Shah met BJP state in-charge Tarunchug. Discussed the latest politics of Telangana. It is learned that the topic of MLC’s poem, assembly elections, BRS strategies and the latest situation in the state were discussed. It is said that there is a chance that Amit Shah will meet the party leaders even today.

Right at the time when Amit Shah came… TRS leaders and workers are agitating against Bandi Sanjay. The scandal of Bandi Sanjay’s comments regarding MLC Kavitha is not going to subside now. They say this is a kind of minus point for BJP. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not appropriate for political leaders to speak as they please. They say that they should give good criticism, but talking nonsense is not good for any party leaders. Based on the directions and suggestions given by Amit Shah today, there will be next steps of BJP.

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