Amul hikes milk prices by Rs 2 per litre, second hike in 6 months – Bombay News IG News

Another blow has been given to the general public, who are grinding in the inflation mill. After the central government’s decision to impose GST on the common necessities of life, when the kitchen budget of a common household was disrupted, now Amul has again increased the price of milk (Amul Milk price hike). All types of milk, including Amul Gold and Amul Shakti, have been increased by Rs 2 per litre. This price hike will be effective from 17th August i.e. tomorrow. Amul has increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter for the second time in the last 6 months. Before this, the price of milk was increased in last February as well.
The price hike implemented by the Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation will be effective from tomorrow. After the increase, the price of 500 ml Amul Gold from 17th August 2022 will be Rs. 31, while the price of 500 ml Amul Taza will be Rs. 25 and 500 ml Amul Shakti milk price Rs. 28 will be per. Thus the price of milk has been increased by 4 percent.
Regarding the price hike, Amul said that the cost of animal feed has increased by around 20% compared to last year. In view of the increase in input costs, our member unions have also increased farmer prices in the range of 8-9% over the previous year. Amul pays milk producers about 80 paise for every rupee paid by consumers for milk and milk products. The price revision will help the milk producers to sustain the remunerative milk prices and encourage them to produce more milk.
It is to be noted that the price of milk products like buttermilk, curd, butter, cheese, paneer, ghee may increase due to the increase in the price of milk.

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