An enraged rhinoceros did something that left the tourist’s life clinging to his palate… IG News

There is a very large section of the world who are fans of wildlife safaris and whenever they get a chance, they immediately go out to enjoy and experience the wildlife. The reason behind this is that wildlife safaris offer a chance to see the wildlife very closely.

But just think if you go to see a tiger, lion or panther and it gets angry and falls behind you, what will happen to you? A video of a similar meaning is currently going viral on social media, making one shudder at the thought. In this video, an enraged rhino starts running after the jeep of the tourist and seeing this, the lives of the wildlife lovers in the jeep are clinging to their palates.

A user named Kruger has shared this latest video of the body standing up on Instagram. According to this user, the incident happened when Anastasia Chapman was on a safari in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa with her friends. Regarding the incident, Anastasia said that she was watching a white rhinoceros eating grass nearby and it just got angry and ran after her jeep.

In this clip which is going viral on social media, the rhino is seen aggressively chasing the vehicle. At one place, the tourists’ breath stops as the rhino comes very close to the jeep. If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, watch it first…

According to Anastasia, the rhino chased her jeep for about a kilometer. Thankfully the jeep was not going in the opposite direction or anything could have happened. In the video, the jeep driver can be seen trying to drive the vehicle as fast as possible even on the muddy roads.

The guide told the tourists that the rhinoceros is one of the most dangerous animals. This behavior of the white rhino was not normal at all. According to the tourists, for a moment we thought he was going to overturn our car, but luckily we survived his attack…