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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar13 hours ago

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During this period, the definition of belonging-alien has changed, the form of relationships has changed. Now whatever works is yours. And the one who doesn’t work is even stranger than a stranger. Earlier, the gathering of our people in large numbers in one place was called marriage ceremony. In earlier weddings, the number of people to be invited was decided based on the budget. Many would invite guests on a budget. Later, due to illness, visitors became more or less frequent. But now, despite spending four times more than the budget, only a limited number of guests are invited to the wedding. There are some weddings where so much money is spent on just one out of five or seven festivals that many girls in small and big villages will get married. But guests are limited. So gradually the opportunity, which used to connect with us, is slowly forgetting its belonging. Marriage was an occasion to mend your relationship. It could bring innovation. Now this incident has also become an equation.

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