Anantapur: He placed an order online for his favorite phone. Man Ordered Mobile Phone Online But Received Shampoo Bottle In Anantapur Andhra Pradesh Telugu News IG News

If you think something.. something else happened. He placed an order for his favorite mobile phone. He waited to see if it would ever come. But his hopes were dashed.

We are celebrating that if the Internet increases, all the tasks will be done easily. At that level, online cheating is being done. Arre.. It is a situation to be afraid that they will cheat even like this. Cyber ​​criminals are robbing in the name of apps, cash back and free gifts. Similar difficulties are being faced in the case of present online orders as well. We have seen incidents where we have ordered valuable items and instead received stones and soaps. Recently such an incident came to light in Anantapur. Mastanvali, a resident of Pathulu Bhagyanagar in the town, opened the website of an e-commerce company on his mobile phone on 14th of this month and booked a phone worth Rs.34 thousand.

They are eagerly waiting to know when the order will come.. when to use the new phone. On November 17, the delivery boy came and gave the box. But the box felt very heavy. Why is it good? He took a video while opening the box. There is no mobile in it. He was shocked to see a bottle of head and shoulder shampoo. I did not understand what for a while.

Mastanvali then woke up and called Stumper Care. He explained that if he placed a mobile order, he received a bottle of shampoo. He also brought the matter to the attention of the store manager who delivered the parcel. With this, the store manager revealed that the money will be refunded to the victim soon. He said that they will inquire where the mistake happened. In recent times, similar incidents are repeating themselves. This has created a situation where one has to think twice before placing an order online.

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