Andhra Pradesh: Hospital refuses to admit pregnant woman, gives birth on road IG News

Amravati, dt. 22 November 2022 Tuesday

A video has gone viral from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, in which a pregnant woman was not admitted to the hospital and had to give birth on the road. The incident is from Tirupati Maternity Hospital.

Outside the hospital, when the woman started laboring, strangers came forward to help her. He delivered the woman. Meanwhile, someone present there made a video of this and made it viral. According to the video, some women are holding a bed sheet to cover the pregnant woman.

Why was the woman not admitted?

The woman was allegedly told by hospital staff that they could not admit her as there was no one with her. The person who helped the woman deliver the baby works at a primary health center.

Order of inquiry granted

The woman and the child were later taken to the hospital and it has now been assured that no pregnant woman should be denied admission even without family members. After the video went viral, the Tirupati district health in-charge said that an inquiry into the incident has been ordered.


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