Anees murdered Mahesh in Delhi and buried the body in his courtyard. IG News

A senior clerk of the Survey of India Department has been murdered in Delhi. The name of the deceased is Mahesh. Anees, who worked with Mahesh, has been accused of murder. The body of the deceased was found buried in the courtyard of Anees’s government house. To dispose of the body, it was packed in 5 polythenes. The reason behind the murder is said to be Mahesh’s demand for loan money given to his friend Anees. The murder was committed on 28 August 2023.

According to media reports, the matter is from Sarojini Nagar area of ​​Delhi. The deceased Mahesh was posted as a clerk in the Survey of India Defense Department here. Anees also worked with him. There was a good friendship between the two. During this time, Anees had borrowed Rs 9 lakh from Mahesh by telling him about some work. After some time, Mahesh started pressurizing him to withdraw his money. However, Anees intended not to return the money. He started showing reluctance on some pretext or the other.

It is alleged that a female staff was also working in the office of Anees and Mahesh. Earlier Anees was friends with the girl, but later they became close to Mahesh. There was once a fight between Mahesh and Anees regarding this matter. Ultimately Anees decided to remove Mahesh from the way. It is alleged that he was preparing to murder Mahesh for 20 days.

On the afternoon of 28 August 2023, Mahesh called his home and told that he was going to meet Anees at his house. After this Mahesh went missing. When Mahesh’s family members asked Anees, he started pretending to be unaware. He admitted that Mahesh had come, but told that he gave the keys of the car and went somewhere else.

Ultimately, after doing their own research, Mahesh’s family lodged a missing report with the police on August 29. The police started investigating the case and prima facie considered Anees as a suspect and interrogated him. Initially Anees also tried to mislead the police but eventually he confessed to his crime.

On the information of Anees, the police have recovered Mahesh’s body. The dead body was found buried in the courtyard of the government house of accused Anees. Cement plaster was put over the dead body. The body was badly decomposed. During police interrogation, Anees confessed that he had beaten Anees to death with a wrench when he came to his house on August 28.

Anees told during interrogation that when Mahesh was in pain, he started attacking him faster. After Mahesh lost his life, Anees bought 5 polythenes from the market. He packed the dead body in these sheets and buried it in the courtyard of his house.

The mutilated body of Mahesh was recovered by the police by breaking the cement floor and sent for post-mortem. Anees has been arrested and sent to jail. The matter is being investigated.

Railway worker Zakir also killed his colleague Pinky

Another similar case came to light a few days ago in Delhi. 41 year old Zakir, who works in the Railways, had borrowed Rs 11 lakh from his colleague Pinky, 42, on the pretext of something urgent. When several days passed, Pinky asked him for money. Angered by this, Zakir murdered Pinky and burnt her face with acid.

On the pretext of giving money, Zakir took Pinky to Knowledge Park in Greater Noida. Seeing a deserted place there, he stabbed Pinky in the chest. To prevent Pinky from being identified, he threw acid on Pinky’s face and burnt her. When Pinky did not return home, her family members in Madangir approached the police and after interrogation, the case came to light.

Pinky was a clerk at Nizamuddin Railway Station and Zakir was a technician. Both knew each other for 10 years. Pinky went missing on 8 September 2023. Her daughter contacted the police the next day. Ambedkar Nagar Police was searching for her, the same evening UP Police found Pinky’s mutilated body and some documents. This matter came to light on 15 September 2023.