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Madurai: Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association President Senthil said in Madurai that instead of taking action against doctors and nurses if the mother or child dies during childbirth, the Tamil Nadu government should come up with a plan to reduce delivery centers and appoint more doctors. Doctors Senthil, Arul and Papaiah said:

A pregnant woman who came to Chengalpattu primary health center 4 days ago was referred to the government hospital as the baby was turned upside down during the scan. The child died the next day when he returned to the health center and was taken to the government hospital in the 108 ambulance. Due to the mistake made by the woman’s relatives, the doctor and 2 nurses were transferred. A month ago, 3 doctors and 2 nurses were transferred in Cuddalore primary health center due to the death of a child in a complicated delivery.

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The government makes doctors and nurses scapegoats in such activities. In order to ensure 100 percent delivery in the hospital, the government introduced a new scheme in 2007 where nurses attend delivery in all 3 ‘shifts’ in government primary health centres. 90 percent of deliveries take place in government hospitals and 10 percent in primary health centers. That’s where complicated births require essential life-saving opportunities. Therein comes a lot of problems. Just reduce it.

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We have reduced the maternal mortality rate in childbirth to below 2 percent and the infant mortality rate to below 13 percent. If it is to be reduced more than this, the government should appoint additional doctors in 150 centers and maternity hospitals instead of 2000 centers and allow deliveries to take place only there.

Last year Tamil Nadu government introduced ‘Mentor’ system. Nurses at Primary Health Centers were contacted by 5 Obstetricians at the Government Hospital and consulted over the telephone to resolve complications during delivery. Relatives of pregnant women argue that if nurses ask doctors for information over the phone, the doctors cheat by not coming to work. This method is against medical council rules for medical emergencies such as obstetrics. This system should also be cancelled, they said.

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