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In the Delhi Liquor Scam (Delhi Liquor Scam) a vital development takes place every day. CBI and ED have already increased speed as part of this case. A few days ago, BRS MLC Kavitha’s former auditor Buchibabu, Gautam Malhotra and Chariot Media head Rajesh Joshi were arrested. Moreover, 2 days later Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia was arrested after CBI interrogated him for 8 hours. But after Sisodia’s arrest, who will be arrested next has become a hot topic of discussion. In this sequence, another person has been arrested by the ED officials in this case.

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Brind Co Sales Director Aman Deep Dhal was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate officials in this case. It is known that Aman has been arrested in connection with money laundering. While Mandeep is one of those named in the CBI FIR. Abhishek Boina Pally, Vijay Nair, Manoj Roy, Sameer Mahendru and Aman Deep are accused of actively participating in the preparation of the liquor policy. It is reported that ED has arrested Aman Deep.

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Meanwhile, another sensational development has recently taken place in the Delhi Liquor Scam case. ED has mentioned the names of key people in the second charge sheet as part of this case. The names of Delhi CM Kejriwal and YCP MP Magunta have been mentioned in the charge sheet by the ED. Also, the ED has charged all 17 accused including Abhishek Boinapalli, Amit Arora, Sameer Mahendru, Sarath Chandra, Vijay Nair and Binoy Babu. ED said AAP used money from Delhi liquor scam for election campaign in Goa.

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ED mentioned the name of BRS MLC Kavitha in the name of those who destroyed the evidence. ED has also mentioned Kavita’s name in the questioned list. Kejriwal (Delhi cm Kejriwal) satires on mentioning his name in ED (Enforcement Directorate) charge sheet. ED is not working against corruption. ED (Enforcement Directorate) works to bring down governments. The Delhi CM has dismissed the entire charge sheet as a fabrication.

It remains to be seen what developments will take place in the case with the latest arrests. It is reported that there will be more arrests after their investigation.

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