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Another important IMF condition has been fulfilled.

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ISLAMABAD (Special Report) The government has fulfilled another important condition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), preparing the report of the Anti-Corruption Task Force. According to government officials, the Shehbaz Sharif government has fulfilled key conditions of the IMF. The anti-corruption agency led by Prime Minister Nazir Tarar has prepared a report to improve the institutional framework for anti-corruption. Suggestions include suggestions for amendments to NAB Ordinance, FIA, Election Act and Civil Service Act 1973.

According to “Jung”, the report recommends guidelines for the distribution of government officials’ assets. Strict inspection of state affairs Rules for disclosing assets of civil servants of levels 17 to 22, spouses It is recommended that the duty of issuing draft rules be assigned to the FBR to disclose details of assets to the public. and amending the Civil Service Regulations of 1973 to make details of assets public. Amendments to the Election Act for Generalizations Removing immigration duties from FIA investigators at airports and amending the law to remove them. Ambiguity regarding legal limitations is recommended. Jurisdiction of various cases As reported by FIA, NAB, anti-corruption establishments should be trained on legal restrictions and restrictions. Technology for anti-corruption capacity building and training At the same time, eliminating corruption also recommends a campaign to raise awareness of citizens’ access to information.

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