Another open verdict prematurely proved right in Suchi Baat with SK Niyazic IG News

by staff reporter

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday adjourned contempt proceedings against PTI chief Imran Khan after he expressed his desire to apologize to Additional District and Sessions Judge Jeba Chowdhury. This was disclosed to the Rose News on 14 September and to the viewers and readers of Patriot and Daily Pakistan on 15 September. The show was hosted by SK Niazi, Editor-in-Chief of Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman of Rose News. The guest was Ejaz ul Haq, and he revealed and asked Justice Wajhe Uddin whether Imran Khan had apologized directly to Justice Jeba. Justice replied that it would be better if such things happened and appreciated them. After that host SK Niazi asked Ejaz-ul-Haq ‘Why don’t you tell this to Imran Khan? Jheke replied, “Maybe I would have asked, and maybe in tomorrow’s September 15 meeting, I may also put it up to Imran Khan.” Those special talks became a reality yesterday on 22 September when Imran Khan asked the Islamabad High Court to allow him to apologize directly to Justice Jeba Chowdhury. This is the track record of SK Niazi. On his talk show or he did it himself, he has already revealed various news stories. Viewers and readers believe in SK Niazi that he became a prominent personality among Pakistani people. Remember, Imran was facing contempt charges after he criticized Judge Chaudhry at a rally in Islamabad’s F-9 Park on August 20. PTI leader Shahbaz Gill was ordered to be taken on remand in a sedition case. The PTI chief may have made the allegation on September 22 after the IHC in the last session considered his updated response in the matter to be “unsatisfactory”.


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