Another paper leak in Gujarat, the Nimbhar system did not care IG News

Extra Affair – Bharat Bharadwaj

Young people are crying at night after another paper exploded in Gujarat. The Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board was to conduct the Junior Clerk Examination for District and Taluka Panchayats on January 29. Lakhs of youth were eager to take this exam and most of them even reached the exam centers, Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board took out Ravana. Hours before the start of the exam, the board issued a press note saying that the junior clerk exam has been postponed due to the paper leak. 9.53 lakh candidates from Gujarat were to give this exam. The board issued a circular and left these lakhs of students confused.
The paper leak is shocking but the more shocking incident is the behavior of the BJP government of Gujarat and the BJP leaders. In Gujarat, the BJP leader holds press conferences every six hours to sing praises of the government’s achievements and flatters his superiors in such a way that one wonders whether this man has a backbone or not. Well, that is a different issue and we will talk about it sometime, but for now let’s talk about the paper leak. Though lakhs of students of Gujarat are upset, neither government minister nor BJP leader appeared to console them. It is truly shocking that the leaders of the BJP who are outspoken do not realize that it is their duty to clarify this issue before the people.
The Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board exam was to be conducted, so its chairman Sandeep Kumar had no choice but to appear in public, but what he himself said was shocking. Instead of admitting his failure, Sandeep Kumar threw up his hands saying it was the act of an outside gang. He also announced that the examination will be conducted very soon, doing a favor to lakhs of youth of Gujarat.
Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) also entered the fray as the shock was less. ATS has also announced that there are 16 accused in the paper leak scam including 6 from Gujarat and Bhaskar Chaudhary of Vadodara is the mastermind in the paper leak scam. ATS officials claimed that Pradeep Kumar Nayak, Ketan Barot, Bhaskar Choudhary, the main accused in the scam in Vadodara have been nabbed before selling papers to the candidates.
The officers of ATS also told the heroic story of how they themselves set up a watch on the accused of the paper leak scam and arrested them and declared that they had done great bravery, that the ATS knew about the paper leak for three to four days. Well man, if you knew for four days then why didn’t you catch the accused earlier? Lakhs of students left home to take the exam and why did they sit and wait for the exam to be canceled at the last minute?
The fares these youth spent to reach the exam centers from home and other expenses went into the water while waiting for the ATS man waiting for them? Many students had come from the village to the city the previous day to take the exam. Crores of rupees that stayed in hotels or elsewhere suddenly went into the water. Had ATS known earlier, the money of these youths could have been saved. Instead, it is not understood why the police are sitting with a mug in their mouth.
What ATS does now is actually locking the stables after the horses have been let loose. It is truly ridiculous that Gujarat Police takes pride in it too. All the talk that so-and-so took the paper while going to print and gave it to Dhinkana and then Dhinkana gave it to Poochha is in vain. Because of this, the hard work of the youth is not being compensated, nor is the impact of the psychological trauma on the youth, rather the youth have become more stressed because the series of paper bursts continues unabated. Due to this, the youth will feel that no matter how hard they work, it is meaningless because this government does not have the strength to stop the paper being leaked.
The Gujarat paper leak scandal has proved that, elections have been held in Gujarat and a new government has come but nothing else has changed. More than ten competitive examination papers have appeared in Gujarat in the last decade alone. From the Gujarat Service Public Service Commission Chief Officer recruitment exam in 2013 to the present Junior Clerk exam paper, a number of papers have been leaked. He talked about a paper leak in which lakhs of students have been confused. If we talk about the remaining small exams, a supplementary is also small. Gujarat Gaun Seva Seva Mandal and Gujarat Panchayat Seva Mandal are so divided on the issue of paper leakage that their names appear in the newspaper once or twice a year.
The main reason for paper leakage in Gujarat is the corruption of government agencies conducting competitive exams and the lack of will to stop this corruption in the samples sitting in the government. The machinery of agencies has been handed over to bureaucrats or even lower-level politicians who have no idea how to stop it all. In many cases, it has also happened that the papers have exploded due to the fault of the people associated with them.
It is the responsibility of the government to demand answers from these people and punish them, but very weak people are sitting in the government. They don’t have the strength to punish the officials, so the papers get leaked, the youths cry and the nimbhar system runs its course. A