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Approval for upgrading of railway line from Karachi to Multan is a priority.

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ACNIC has approved the scope of upgrading the existing main lines of Pakistan Railways. In the first phase, the 929 km stretch from Karachi to Multan will be taken up on priority basis.

According to details, the meeting of the Eknik Executive Committee was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar where the project named Fulder Response Emergency Housing Project Phase 1 was approved. The Emergency Housing Project in response to floods will be completed with the loan from the Asian Development Bank. The objective of the project is to rehabilitate more than 250,000 houses affected by floods in Sindh. ECNIC also considered and approved four projects in the water sector. The projects include the construction of Dosha Dam to address the water shortage in Rawalpindi. The meeting also approved the development of an integrated transport trade management system, which includes the Gomel Zam MultiPurpose Project, Mangala Dam Project and Gulen Gol Hydropower Project, which includes construction of new border crossings at Torkham, Chaman and Wagah. ECNIC approved the construction of a border crossing at the Pakistan-Afghan border at Badini. The upgrading of a 40 km road from Murgha Faqirzai to Khan Dagar Main Badini Road has been approved.

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