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Any phrase or sentence that describes a principle, fact or behavior about life and makes us think and gives a message, then we use it in our conversation and writing in the form of sayings and proverbs.

Here we are quoting a few sayings that have been a part of the Arabic language and culture for thousands of years, and wisdom and wisdom are hidden in them. See

Water One should drink from where the horse drinks, because a thoroughbred horse does not mouth unclean water.

Home It should be built in a place where the dragon is curled up to bask in the sun, because the dragon chooses only a place for resting that is strong and mature, warm in winter and cool in summer.

fruit Eat what the worm has touched without eating, because the worm only seeks ripe fruit.

Water For that one should dig the place where the birds are seen taking shelter to avoid the heat, because where the birds take shelter there is water.

success If you wish to, adopt the habit of sleeping and rising like birds, because birds choose the most suitable time to search for sustenance and by working accordingly we can get its fruits.

Peace of mind If you want to sleep, place the bed where the cat sleeps, because the cat always chooses a quiet place.



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