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Be Alert: Traveling on that road means you have to put your life on the palm of your hand..? No matter how many pleas have been made to the authorities. There is no end to their grievances.. This is the condition of Tokapadu and Mandipalli road in Balapam panchayat which is a remote area of ​​Chintapalli mandal of Alluri district.. The village elders have expressed their distress that funds should be sanctioned for the construction of this road and the construction work should be undertaken. Together with Tokapadu and Mandipalli villages, Turumamidi, Mulagavidi and Godugumamidi villagers stood on the muddy road and raised slogans that special funds should be allocated to their villages from ITDA and construction of the road should be undertaken.

On this occasion, the villager Talle Rambabu said that in the past they used to face many difficulties due to the lack of a good road even for walking, so the people of these five villages united and built a dirt road with hard work. It is said that the dirt road is a relief to walk in summer. People complain that they have been facing difficulties since the beginning of the century and whenever it rains, this road becomes muddy and traffic is severely disrupted.


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During the summer, at least there was a situation where the roads could be covered with covers, but due to the rains on the dirt road, it is said that during emergency times, pregnant women and patients suffering from long-term diseases from these villages are facing serious difficulties. He said that if he had to go to the weekly markets to buy essential goods, he had to face many difficulties. Still, they requested the rulers, district high officials and state level leaders to respond and grant funds for a road that would be convenient for these five villages.

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They say that road facilities should be provided soon, ignoring their pain. Talle Rambabu, Gabulangi Ananda Rao, Sagina Potti Padal, Vemberi Apparao, Talle Satthibabu, Siriballa Nageswara Rao, Vanchurabu Somanadam, Vantala Bhaskara Rao, Pangi Ramana, Vantala Venkata Rao and others participated in this protest program.

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