Arrest of the accused in the case of injunction murder IG News

Khammam Rural, Prabhanews: On Wednesday night, the police produced the suspects in the rural police station in the presence of reporters in the suburb of Vallabhi village in Mudigonda mandal of Khammam district. According to ACP Baswareddy, Goda Mohan Rao (40) of Namavaram village, Chintakani mandal is working as an auto driver. Mohan Rao was married to Imambi (46), wife of deceased Jamal Saheb (48) of Bopparam village, Chintakani mandal.

A few days ago, Jamal Saheb reprimanded his wife after knowing that she had an illicit relationship with Mohan Rao. Imambi’s wife, who knew about her extra-marital affair, planned to kill him with her boyfriend, Mohan Rao. Mohan Rao, intending to kill, asked RMP Bandi Venkanna of his village to tell him about his extra-marital affair and get an injunction to kill the man. Venkanna Rs. He said that if he gives five thousand, he will get the injection. Mohan Rao gave Rs.3500.

He told his friend Yashwant about RMP Bandi Venkanna and brought two Neovec injections with him. RMP Venkanna spoke to Venkatesh about this matter. After discussing the matter with Imambi, he sent Venkatesh to Imambi to administer the injection to the deceased. Imambi was unable to give it to Venkatesh, so she gave it to Mohan Rao again. Mehanrao gave the injection to Venkatesh. On the 19th, Imambi called Mohan Rao and told her that her husband was going to Gandrai in Andhra Pradesh. Mohan Rao, who came up with the plan, told Venkanna and Venkatesh. They went to Vallabhi on two bikes and drove. While the deceased was going from Vallabhi to Gandrai on a bike, he asked Venkanna for a lift from the RMP cart and boarded the cart.

After going a short distance, Venkanna told him to stop the cart, put a needle in it, got off the cart, and Venkatesh, who was coming behind, got on the bike and ran away. The deceased collapsed and died before the locals could take him to Vallabhi Hospital. ACP Baswareddy congratulated Rural CI Srinivas and Mudingonda SI Nagaraju for handling the case quickly. ACP Baswar Reddy said that the four accused arrested by the police will be taken to remand today.


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