Asaduddin Owaisi’s big statement regarding Gyanvapi Masjid IG News

Asaduddin Owaisi’s big statement regarding Gyanvapi Masjid

AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat (Asaduddin Owaisi in Gujarat). On the first day, he attended the Eid Milan program at Saraspur in Ahmedabad. “We have lost the Babri Masjid and now we will not lose any other mosque in the country,” Owaisi said in a statement.

Addressing the Eid Milan program, Owaisi warned the government that “we have lost the Babri Masjid and we will not lose any other mosque in the country.” On the issue of Gyanvapi, he also said that Gyanvapi was and will remain a mosque. No changes will be made. BJP, Congress, AAP and Samajwadi Party themselves want Muslims in the country to stay at home and not go out. We should have a representative in the Gujarat Assembly elections. Muslims have become voters. When will they become voters? Why bulldozers are moving in the country. The gates of the mosque are being smashed. Now all the oppressed classes need to unite. Muslims now have to deal with other oppressed classes, including the Dalits.

Owaisi further said that there are no jobs in the country today and unemployment is highest in our country. There is a shortage of coal. Semiconductors are not available. Not getting Occasional only increases hatred. The Modi government has given this in eight years. Efforts are being made in the country to eradicate the culture of Muslims. Not talking about inflation, not talking about the rupee depreciating.

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In a statement on the Gyanwapi Masjid issue, Owaisi said that the Allahabad court had stayed the issue in 1991. Now the name change goes to court. The 1991 stain should be noted. The whole country was lied to that the temple had been demolished to make way for the Babri Masjid. The apex court said this was wrong. The law enacted in 1991 stated that the stretcher that existed on 15 August 1947 would be retained. So on what basis do you conduct the survey today? Hundreds of people will be watching the Supreme Court verdict.

There is a deficit in the determination of the government. You want to send the country back to an atmosphere of riots in which an entire generation will perish. We do not want that to happen again in the country. If Prime Minister Ayub Patel’s daughter is emotional because of tears, why not talk about 1991 law. It is your constitutional responsibility to break the silence. The government is committed to abiding by the law of 1991. Which weakened India and reduced law enforcement. The Babri was to be demolished despite the promise made to the Supreme Court. Our only demand is that the law of 1991 should be obeyed.

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Owaisi further said that BTP and AAP have formed an alliance which gives each party the right to form an alliance. Speaking on the Congress, Owaisi said, “If 8 to 10 MLAs in the Assembly become AIMIM, what will the Congress do?” Congress is no longer a rechargeable battery. It will not recharge. Big people are not ready to work with them.

Akbaruddin Owaisi is giving free school to children in Aurangabad. The sheeting is an ASI protected building. Which falls into the realm of the Prime Minister. Meem’s agenda is that minority and minority leaders should be born in Gujarat. Who sent Klimi Siddiqui to jail will be released. The BJP party is frustrated and frustrated. I’m not talking about breaking up. The poor vote, not the rich, but harass the poor. Why the Prime Minister did not get emotional if houses collapsed in Khambhatma and Himmatnagar.

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AIMIM President Sabir Kabliwala said that the salvation of the society would now be due to the Owaisi Party. Owaisi says now is the time for everyone to know one. Even in UP, Muslims are no longer voting for the Congress. Now this understanding needs to come out. The next time will be even worse, if not one, there will still be losses. Owaisi wore the AIMIM party scarf along with former AMC Congress councilor Hasanlala and former women councilors supporter.

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