Ashwin Sanghvi is the head of the seat in the recruitment case on the orders of the High Court IG News

Parijat Mulla: This week Calcutta High Court Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay made a change in the ‘SIT’ expressing anger over the CBI investigation into the recruitment corruption case. Earlier, CBI DIG Akhilesh Singh was made the head of the ‘SIT’.

However, the CBI drew attention to the bench of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay seeking the transfer of Akhilesh Singh. Because Akhilesh Singh has gone to Assam on transfer. The judge then ordered the names of the three CBI officials to be submitted to the court. In that context, after giving the names of three officials, the Calcutta High Court selected one.

The CBI submitted the names of the three officials in the court on Friday. All three are of DIG rank. Among them was Sudhanshu Khare, who works in Kolkata. Michael Raj, who currently works in Ranchi and Ashwin Sanghvi, who works in Chandigarh. All these three are said to be experts in corruption cases.

After being named in the hearing of the case in the bench today, the judge asked, when the CBI investigation was first ordered, it was an officer named Pankaj Srivastava. Where is he now? The CBI lawyer said that he is currently in the CBI training center in Ghaziabad. He is the Joint Director of CBI, an IG rank officer’. The court wanted to know if it is possible to bring him back. Later, however, Ashwin Sanghvi was made ‘SIT’ chief.

It is said that he will take charge in the next seven days. Last Wednesday, the Calcutta High Court informed that Akhilesh Singh cannot withdraw from this investigation until the recruitment investigation is over. Also, the CBI cannot involve him in any other case and he cannot be transferred without the permission of the court. But now that he is the IG of Assam Police, Akhilesh Singh has not taken the seat.


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