ASI suspended for buying cheap mangoes taking advantage of police uniform

Photo: Screen grab

Karachi: Authorities have suspended ASI for forcibly buying cheap fruits from a fruit seller within the limits of Metha Dar police station in Shar-e-Quaid area.

According to Express News, a video of the suspended police officer went viral on social media, in which he was accused of undermining the fruit seller’s mango money and allegedly torturing him.

SSP City Shabbir Ahmed Sethar suspended the ASI of Methadar police station after taking notice of violence against fruit sellers and buying mangoes at low prices. ASI Imran’s video went viral on social media in which some people The fruit seller was asking the boy how many kilos of mangoes the police officer took from you and how much he paid for it.

The fruit seller says that he was selling mangoes at Rs. 180 per kg. The police officer gave him Rs. 300 per 5 kg. Set


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