Asur tribe of Jharkhand worships Mahishasur, Dussehra is a day of mourning IG News

Jasinta Kerketta, a well-known Hindi poet and expert on tribal life, has tweeted, underlining the tradition of the Asur tribe of Jharkhand, “The Asur tribesmen are worshiping Mahishasur on top of the mountain. People coming from here are worshiping Durga. Looking at both. It is a reminder that this country is not a one caste nation. It is a multinational country made up of many nations.”

Anthropologists have placed the Asur tribe under the Proto-Australoid group. The word Asur has been mentioned at many places in the scriptures like Rigveda, Brahmana, Aranyaka, Upanishad, Mahabharata etc. The mention of Asuras is also found in the folk saga of Munda tribe community ‘Sosobonga’.


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