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GT Hemanth Kumar, Tirupathi, News18
Andhra Pradesh: Some people sometimes forget humanity. They become anthropomorphic monsters. Unwise decisions are taken. They cause trouble to others with their behavior. If something goes wrong.. who did it..? Punishments are given without knowing whether the person has committed a mistake or not. Even that is very bad.. We are constantly seeing incidents of indiscriminate attacks. Such atrocity took place in Jonnavada Kamkshi Temple.
What actually happened..? eTwo young men are walking on the street. While the two were talking and walking along the street, suddenly a dog barked fiercely. Seeing the dog, two youths ran away in fear. Meanwhile, a person made an entry. The dog was tied up and the two youths were attacked by the dog. A young man was victimized by a dog attack. Another young man escaped and became a sensation.
In Jonnavada of Buchireddy Palem Mandal of Nellore District (Nellore District), two youths are coming walking at night. The two are walking slowly discussing their sadhakas. As it was getting a bit dark, here and there stray dogs were getting married. Dinto walked down the aisle slowly looking here and there where the dogs were. Suddenly the huge dog started barking loudly.

Seeing the barking of the dog, the two youths got scared. They ran to escape from the dog. At the same time, the owner of the dog, Ramesh, who came out of the house, saw the two young men running and thought that they were thieves. Immediately, he started the dog and chased it on the youths. Read this: This is the reason for the change in the name of the Health University.. Jagan should come forward to name the TDP after NTR. A young man was bitten by a dog. Another youth escaped from there and ran away. Ramesh indiscriminately beat the young man who was bitten by the dog. Without stopping, he fed the dog again. Do not take the young man to the premises of the local temple without listening to him saying that he is running away from a dog and not a thief. Read this: On 27th of this month, CM Jagan invited him to come to Tirumala for Srivari Brahmotsavam. He attacked to lose his temper. Seeing this atrocity, the locals took a video and posted it on social media. SS Veer Pratap said that no complaint has been received.

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