attack | Father-in-law made a fatal attack on son-in-law, brother also got injured IG News


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Nagpur. Angered by the love marriage, the father-in-law and years made a fatal attack on the son-in-law. He was badly injured by stabbing him. The accused also attacked the brother who came to intervene. Police has registered a case against 4 including 1 minor. The injured include Mohammad Salauddin Kamil Qureshi (27), a resident of Gulshannagar, and Faizal Shafi Qureshi (30), a resident of Vanjra.

The accused include Alam Ali Hasan Ansari (44), Sikandar Ali Hasan Ansari (21), Sultan Ansari and 1 minor resident of Vandevi Nagar. According to the police, Salahuddin had a love affair with Alam’s daughter. Both of them got married two years back. Since then Alam was furious. During 9.45 pm on Monday night, Salahuddin was standing at Vandevi Nagar Chowk along with his cousin Faizal. Meanwhile, the accused surrounded them. Salahuddin was badly injured by stabbing him with a knife.

When Faizal came to intervene, he too was attacked with a knife. The information of the incident was given to the police. As soon as the news was received, the Yashodharanagar police reached the spot. Both were taken to Mayo Hospital for treatment. The police arrested Alam and Sikandar after recording Salahuddin’s statement. The search for Sultan continues.