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Attack Israel Iranian Embassy in Pakistan Reveals Facts

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The Iranian Embassy in Pakistan has revealed the facts regarding Iran’s attack on Israel. and said the purpose of the Israeli attack was to target military bases in occupied Palestine. Civilian and non-military centers, including cities, hospitals, places of worship Infrastructure etc. is not provided.

According to a spokesman for the Iranian Embassy Iran’s military action against the Zionist regime is a proportionate military action. The operation was carried out within the framework of the natural and legal right to protection in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

An Iranian embassy spokesman said: The operation was in response to a military attack by the Zionist regime targeting the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

Seven Iranian military advisers are in Syria at the official invitation of the Syrian government. Killed in an Israeli attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

An Iranian embassy spokesman said the Zionist government’s actions violated the 1961 Vienna Convention, the 1973 New York Convention and other international laws.

The spokesman said Iran insists on adhering to the principles and goals of the United Nations Charter. Iran reaffirms its commitment to defending its sovereignty. territorial integrity and national interests from the use of force and illegal aggression.

An Iranian embassy spokesperson said Iran’s lawful precautionary measures to exercise its right to self-defense reflect a responsible attitude.

The spokesperson added that the Zionist regime is committing genocide and massacring innocent people in the Gaza Strip. Iran has repeatedly stated that it does not seek to escalate wars and tensions in the region in line with its principles.

The Iranian embassy said the key to resolving the current situation is an immediate end to the war in Gaza and a ceasefire. The key to resolving the current situation is the free flow of humanitarian assistance to war-torn areas.

He said Iran’s response has been minimal and minimal. Iran’s response could be harsher.

An Iranian embassy spokesperson added: If the Zionist government does the same thing again. Iran’s response this time will be more severe and decisive.

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