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Bombay High Court

Aurangabad : The then Thackeray government of the state and the current Shinde-Fadnavis government have decided to rename Aurangabad city as Sambhajinagar and Osmanabad city as Dharashiv. . Three separate petitions filed against this decision in the Mumbai High Court were heard on Tuesday. In the hearing, the Bombay High Court asked the state government to clarify its role on the transfer of name.

Ed on behalf of the then city president of Congress, Hisham Usmani. Hearing was held on Tuesday on the petition filed by SS Qazi against the renaming of Aurangabad in the Bombay High Court. Besides Hisham Usmani, separate petitions filed by NCP leaders Mohd Mushtaq, Hamad Chouse were heard together on Tuesday before Mumbai High Court Chief Justice Sanjay Gangapurwala and Justice Marne.

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In the hearing, the High Court said that by inviting objections from common citizens regarding the process of name change, did the central and state governments consider them? Presented this question. In the hearing, two petitioners termed the action of the state government accepting the nomination proposal and sending it to the central government as illegal. On this, the counsel for the Central and State Government said in the High Court that the entire process of renaming has been done as per the 1953 guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Instructions to clarify your role in the nomination case on February 15

The public prosecutor sought time to discuss it in detail. At the same time, the counsel for the petitioners placed before the court only the guidelines of 1953. Also Ed. On the background of the specific controversy presented by Javed Sheikh, the Bombay High Court directed the state government to clarify the role of the objection and consider it. Adv.Javed Shaikh argued in the court that the government had bypassed the entire process of seeking objections necessary for renaming the city. The government lawyer sought time to know whether the objections regarding the transfer have been received from the state government. After the debate in the matter, the Bombay High Court directed the state and the central government to clarify their stand on the issue of renaming on February 15. Ed on behalf of the petitioner regarding the renaming of Aurangabad. Javed Sheikh, Ed. Moin Shaikh, Ed. Yusuf Muchala, Ed. Kumari Talekar appeared in connection with the petition filed regarding the renaming of Sagir and Osmanabad. The next hearing on this matter will be on 15 February 2023.