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Poke Staff. Updated November 25, 2022

53 years after humans first walked on the Moon, NASA has launched the Artemis 1 spacecraft, an unmanned, manned Moon mission, Artemis 3, in 2025 – ahead of further flights.

Despite footage, testimonials, and displays of rocks collected by the Apollo crews, not everyone is convinced that a Moon walk happened — as lauraA contestant on the Australian version of The Chase.

Then host Larry Emdur’s face could have had its own chat show, because it talked about a lot.

So did the comments on Reddit.

Man did that set him up for that big time!!

He should have answered, actor Neil Armstrong.

Belief goes out the window when there is $$$$ to win!

Answer: Yes, I believe the Earth is flat.

B: Well, for $500, what size is the Earth?

A: oblate spheroid. next question?

This video gave me whiplash.

“…the technical aspects of space aren’t much, I just like stickers of aliens and stuff.”

The correct answer would have been “do your own research”.

u/reno83 appreciates where laura was coming from.

The moon landing may be a fantasy to her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the story. I don’t believe in wizards, but I can tell you which house Harry Potter was from.

In case you were wondering, the contestants went home empty-handed.

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