Authorities demanded the demolition of Khalpara Primary School in Mainaguri IG News

Moynaguri: In the grip of rupture Moynaguri (Maynaguri) Block South Baragila Khalpara Primary School. Land adjacent to the school’s mid-day meal house, which was damaged by the storm water flowing past the school. Locals demanded a guard wall to save the school from rapid demolition. The school authorities are fearing a major accident at any moment.

It is learned that over the last few years, the school land has started to be submerged in a torrential downpour in Khalpara area. In addition, the only access road to the village and a large part of the culvert have collapsed, which has created problems for access to the village across the area.

Mohammad Ali, a local resident, said there was a storm near the school. There is no boundary wall in the school, any student could be in danger in it, he demanded to build the boundary wall quickly and take appropriate measures to prevent breakage. On the other hand, another guardian of the village, Dipali Roy, said that the incidence of demolition is increasing day by day.

Although the local Amguri gram panchayat chief Dilip Roy said they had informed the upper house about the matter, it was not possible for the gram panchayat to do so much, but he assured to look into the matter again. The school has a total of more than one and a half hundred students including four temporary teachers.

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