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In Chennai-Chennai, auto fares have been set at Rs 25 per kilometer by the drivers’ unions.

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Auto fares have not been revised in Chennai for 10 years. Already, the fixed rate of Rs 12 per km continues. Subsequently, an appeal was made to the government and the court on behalf of all the auto drivers’ unions, demanding an increase in the auto fare.

After the intervention of the High Court, the government side spoke. It was urged to fix the fare at Rs 25 per km based on fuel, population calculation, road conditions etc. Similarly, the idea of ​​developing a mobile phone application for autos by the Tamil Nadu government was put forward. The trade unions are dissatisfied as they have not received any notification from the Tamil Nadu government even after these demands have been put forward for five months.

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In this regard, CITU, State Executive President of Auto Union Bala Subramanian said: A meeting was held on the government’s side five months ago when the court intervened. In this, only one request was made that the fee should be fixed at 25 rupees per kilometer. If the government develops a special mobile phone application, public auto travel will also become safer. It will also benefit the drivers. But silence is being achieved on the part of the government, he said.

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