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Awesome Sesame Powder: Make it once IG News


Delicious sesame powder. Do it like this.

Sesame powder to prepare necessary materials

Sesame – 1 Cup, Ulundam lens – 1/4 Cup, peanuts – 1/4 Cup, Dry Chili – 6, Aloe vera powder – 1/4 tea spoon, Saltif necessary According to reports, Oilnecessary Size

Sesame powder recipe:

Mr When it’s warm Sesame to put, Fry to Fry it. After this Alone take it to preserve. Again In the pan a little Oil to the left Ulundam lens, The sea lens, dry Chili , Perungayat Powder together with Well done Fry. Finally Sesame, Salt together with Stir I want .

fried Completed, this composition When it cools down In a blender to put Grind Take it. now Delicious Sesame powder ready ! A method Sesame powder If it is ready, A month to in a bottle to preserve can be used. That’s why Often Tipon, for dinner Web site Dish to look for work will stay.

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