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Ayodhya Bal Ram Idol: The Story of Kallu Ram of Mysore! IG News


Mysore’s sculptor Arun Yogiraj (Arun Yogiraj) was chosen for the installation in Ayodhya (Ayodhya Ram Mandir).

For the past few days, Arun Yogiraj has been the cause of celebration in M. Kebbehundi’s home village. Villagers of M Kebbehundi village in T Narseepur taluk of Mysore district celebrated by distributing sweets.

Sculptor demand
Currently one of the most sought after sculptors in the country, Arun Yogiraj was influenced by his father Yogiraj and grandfather Basavanna Shilpi at a young age. He started his journey in the world of sculpture inspired by his father and grandfather.


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Despite pursuing an MBA and working in the corporate sector, Arun’s innate passion for sculpture drew him back to the art form in 2008. This further led to the creation of traditional sculptures that gained recognition across the country.

Zagamagiso Ram Mandir even at night!

Zagamagiso Ram Mandir even at night!

Arun’s other significant contributions to the world of sculpture are numerous.
It was Arun Yogiraj who sculpted the 30-foot statue of Subhash Chandra Bose behind Amar Jawan Jyoti near India Gate. The 12 feet tall sculpture of Adi Shankaracharya at Kedarnath, the 21 feet tall statue of Hanuman at Mysore are Arun’s handiwork.

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