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Bad news for those looking to buy a car.

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Bad news for those looking to buy a car.

There’s bad news for those looking to buy a car.

Two days ago, Lucky Motors had announced a price cut of 15 lacs 13 thousand on the ‘Kia Stonic’ after which buyers rushed to the showroom and the company had to stop bookings.

However, the company has now announced that further bookings for the Stonic have now stopped. Due to a large number of reservations The company therefore needs to deliver the vehicles by September 2024.

According to a statement issued by the company on April 29, after the announcement of price reductions on over 150,000 Kia Stonic vehicles, there is a strong trend of bookings for the vehicle from customers. which received great satisfaction.

Kia Stonic

As a result, the company has booked deliveries of the Stonic to be completed by September this year. and according to booking order Car deliveries start from this month, May.

All bookings made for delivery in September will be accepted after partial payment of Rs 23 lacs. Additional orders for October will be initiated ahead of schedule. Depends on market response And our stock status will be notified separately.

According to the company’s statement The company has also decided to implement price lock for the benefit of its esteemed customers for all bookings made for delivery in September. which has been partially or fully paid

However, in cases where the central or provincial government imposes additional taxes, Consumers will have to bear this burden.

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