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(E. Santhosh, News 18, Peddapalli)

Leaders who win with the votes of the people, have to look after the welfare of the people and go on deceiving themselves again. Local Bada leaders are brutally deceiving the unemployed as if to give them jobs. The actual constituency level leaders are Rs. Collecting in lakhs and drowning the innocent unemployed. In Peddapalli district Ramagundam constituency, some politicians are cheating the unemployed. Three or four leaders from the same party .. If they are collecting lakhs of money from a single candidate hoping for a job, they can understand the level of the situation there.

Bada leaders’ eye on jobs ..

Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (RFCL) Fertilizer Factory in Peddapalli District Ramagundam was recently reopened after 22 years. Everyone thought that if the fertilizer factory was started, there would be job opportunities for the unemployed in Ramagundam. But their hopes were dashed. Leaders of the ruling party have also staged large-scale dharnas demanding that some of the qualified candidates be hired but the rest of the contract jobs be awarded to locals. However, the words of the respective leaders are not superficial. It is understood that the gimmicks made by the respective leaders to camouflage the candidates in the contract jobs in RFCL. “If the ruling party Bada leader says a job (job) will come in the fertilizer factory, otherwise it will not come” was widely propagated in the constituency.

Rs. 8 lakhs ..

At the Ramagundam Fertilizer Factory, the leaders of the ruling party began a ‘hunger hunt for nuts’ without seeing the slightest sin. They targeted the unemployed, from the Buddha Leader to the State Level Leaders. There have been public allegations that millions of rupees have been collected from each candidate. There were large-scale reports that the constituency Bada leader had laundered crores of rupees. Supporting the hopes of the unemployed, the leaders of the ruling party alleged that they were charging money at the rate of three per job and Rs. 8 lakhs – Rs. There are large-scale allegations that he has collected up to ten lakhs. Leaders who pressed for money handed out temporary passes to the respective candidates. Even if there are passes, not everyone gets a salary. Three months later, some of the unemployed were fired due to non-payment of salaries. Others quit their jobs.

The same story across the constituency:

The same story is heard everywhere in the Ramagundam constituency. Victims are voicing concerns that child leaders in 50 divisions, Antargam and Palakurti zones are collecting large sums of money and roaming around without finding the unemployed. Although the matter was brought to the notice of the Bada leader of the ruling party, there was no response and the whole town was agitating that the Bada leader was leading all this. Some candidates attempted suicide by giving money to leaders for jobs and circling around them with no response to the petition. Victims are urged to understand the situation in Ramagundam if more leaders go home and attack candidates who ask for a refund.

Luxury life for a t-shirt, death curse for the unemployed

According to locals, the re-opening of the Fertilizer Factory (RFCL) in Ramagundam constituency has given a luxury life to the Khaddar shirts in the constituency. About 500 candidates for jobs in RFCL have been defrauded of millions of rupees by their respective leaders. While the leaders who collected the money are enjoying a life of luxury, the unemployed who gave the money are now endlessly realizing that they have resorted to suicide. Victims are voicing concerns that even the ruling party boss, who is watching all this, is not responding.

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